Saturday, January 17, 2015

Disney World, you had me at "Hello" and lost me at "I need your credit card!"

We arrived in Orlando at 7:20 pm last night for the Outdoor Living Brands annual meeting. After an excruciating journey on the multi-media Disney Magical Express, we finally got to the Grand Floridian Resort at 11:20 pm.
I was wiped out, hungry and not yet feeling "magical"... at all.

Then, as I hauled my sorry keester off the bus there was this pleasingly plump Disney hostess that meet us on the bus staircase platform and said "Welcome Home" and guided us to the front desk to facilitate our check-in. I could've kissed her.

After submitting a credit card to the desk clerk, we were presented with a branded Disney gift box. Inside there was a printed paper platform with our names printed on it, each under the respective Magic Band payment device (think iWatch with mouse ears).

Are you with me? Personalized gift boxes... and of course our names were emblazoned on the back sides of the Magic Bands also. This made me very happy. I'm strange like that.

So before meeting our Florida family for lunch the next day, we went to Epcot so Laurel could have an eclair in "France."
Knowing that restaurant lines could be a challenge, while en route to Epcot, I used my iPhone Disney Experience app to make a lunch reservation.

But the app wouldn't complete my reservation because it needed to be tied to my credit card -- which was in my resort room safe because I was told my Magic Band would cover "everything."

So, I phoned the restaurant from the Monorail instead (an audible experience in itself) and tried to explain my dilemma to the hostess who could barely hear me.

After explaining that I was wearing my Magic Band and was not carrying a credit card, she said "I need a credit card to complete your reservation."

So heads up Mickey. Call the folks in Cupertino and figure out how to connect your Magic Band to the credit card presented at check-in. Please. And have a magical day, too.

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  1. Band's not so magical after all...Plus, I sorta fear the Band if you're supposed to let a teen have one.