Monday, November 25, 2013

The last straw. I am reporting 31-W Insulation to the BBB.

Talk about business behaving badly. Get a load of this:

Dear Better Business Bureau,

Prior to purchasing our home, we discovered that the builder Cunnane did not insulate a second-floor bedroom properly back in 2004. As the original insulation provider was 31W we contacted them for an estimate to blow insulation under the floor in the attic spaces on both sides of that bedroom.

A sales representative at 31 W Insulation, visited our home to give us a quote and while he was here he suggested that they also add insulated foam board to the attic walls which they originally covered in pink blanket insulation in 2004 to increase the insulation value. I agreed.

As the 31W workers were finishing the installation, the sales rep visited my home to check on the installation and was told by his workers that there was an electrical wire whose outer sheath was “worn” and that should be taped or replaced. I checked the area where he indicated it was and couldn’t find it – only to discover after they left my home that the workman covered it with insulation board – thereby preventing me from even seeing it.  And I have a bigger problem now, as the two ceiling lights in that bedroom which had previously worked fine do not work.

So I contacted an electrician who has now visited my home three times at my expense. After his second visit, I contacted the sales rep and requested that the insulation boards be removed so that the electrician could uncover and solve the problem. However, they only removed one board, to expose the original wire in question, and left the other boards in both sides of the attic untouched.

The electrician then came back for a third time, found the wire in question, repaired it and the lights still did not work. So it appears that the problem is a wire that was damaged in some other part of the attic during the insulation installation, which the electrician cannot access because the insulation boards are still covering the wires in the attic.

I have now called the sales rep three times to request that all boards be removed so that the problem can be uncovered – and I have also called the 31 W main number and left a message as no one answered the phone – and not one call has been returned.

After four telephone calls and not even the courtesy of one response, I do not know where else to turn.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me to get the company to respond and remove the boards so that the electrician can make the proper repair – and then have 31 W reattach the boards after the problem has been fixed. 

Thank you.

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