Saturday, May 12, 2012

RIP: The end of the printed business card

When I travel, it's all I can do to remember my shaving gear, Allegra, thumb drives, hard drives, laptop, iPad, iPhone, whatever -- so business cards, forget it. I never remember to bring them.

So you can image my delight to discover in some circles, Twitter has become the new business card.

At a major press event for a restaurant opening lately, I met several folks who were very interesting and with whom I wanted to stay in touch. No one had a business card or pen.

So Andrea who was seated next to me said "Are you on Twitter?"


Like the geek squad, there was a chain reaction of the seven of us connecting with each other in 10 seconds with Twitter.

The bad news?

I just have to remember to bring my iPhone when I leave the house.


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  1. It's been a year since I redesigned my business card -- and blogged about the process. I've given out only 4 cards in the last year. Actually, it's a net 3, since one person handed the card back to me. Ha!