Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Larry Spada confirms The Dollar Shave Club is worth the wait

The truth is, with the exception of Apple products, I am typically disappointed with virtually every new product I try – until today.

The Dollar Shave Club is everything it’s hyped to be, and more.

I ordered the new system online on March 10, 2012 and finally received it on May 25, 2012 – 80 days later. Was it worth the wait? Yes. In fact, it's probably the best $6.00 I've ever spent.

The social media campaign says “Our blades are Flippin’ great.” They are.

To make sure that my test was even-steven, I washed my face in the shower like always and used a lubricating shave cream.

What I changed was the way I shave. I normally start with a Bic® disposable razor to first trim my sideburns and then shave my upper and lower lip areas. I then switch to my Gillette Mach 3 system – you know, the one with the replacement cartridges that are so expensive they are housed in the ultra-security bells-and-whistles acrylic drop down cases at Walgreens.

So this morning I only used the The Dollar Shave Club razor for the entire shave, with its thick softer-touch handle (with gripper marks for easy flexibility and generous-sized blade with a thick and durable aloe vera lubricating strip.

Sideburn trim – perfect, and no blade marks when using pressure.
Upper and Lower Lip – an eight out of ten, but with practice I will master it.
Face and Neck – perfect. No nics. No cuts. No styptic pencil needed.

The downside? If you own Gillette or Shick® stock because you were impressed with their men’s shaving systems, sell. The party’s over.

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