Monday, April 2, 2012

Mosquito Squad: the mosquito eliminator looks toward its 200th franchise location, thanks in great part to an integrated branding platform…and an amazing service model

Well, we’re almost halfway there.

Any day now Outdoor Living Brands will welcome its 100th Mosquito Squad franchise location.

“Halfway to what?,” you ask. My $5 bet with Mosquito Squad co-founder and brand leader Boyd Huneycutt. The bet? That our mosquito elimination franchise system will reach a total of 200 locations by the end of this year.

Of all the brands I’ve ever been associated with, Mosquito Squad is the most fun and interesting. When the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives management team launched the concept back in 2005, the vision was simple – address the growing problem of homeowners not being able to enjoy their backyards because of increasing numbers of mosquitoes. Hence, that’s where our slogan of “Take Back Your Yard” came from.

Today, with Lyme disease reaching epidemic proportions in major cities across the Untied States, we’ve taken that battle head on, too. In addition to our highly effective, EPA-registered Barrier Spray that eliminates mosquitoes, we’ve added Intensive Tick Tube Treatments to our home protection model. Cardboard tubes filled with desiccant-treated cotton are strategically placed in area where ticks live – like in tall grassy areas or near fireplace woodpiles.

As for community outreach, our memorable and commended “The 5 T’s” message grows in heightened awareness as homeowners everywhere are now learning from Mosquito Squad how to reduce water sources around their homes to reduce the mosquito population.

So, congratulations Mosquito Squad. The one and only truly original mosquito control brand. Frequently imitated. Never equaled.

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