Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thinking out loud: Larry Spada on Tim Cook replacing Steve Jobs

I guess one of the nice things about selecting your successor in business is having the opportunity to weight the various pros and cons before making that critical decision.

And in Steve Job's case, he had plenty of time during his final months to give it much thoughtful consideration.

What would be best for his Apple brand? What about Apple's cutting-edge innovation in creating products that couldn't even be focus-group tested as consumers would have absolutely nothing in their realm of experience to compare it to? And what about the investment community, especially big fans of the Apple brand like Piper Jaffray?

As I see the evolution of Tim Cook in the newest role of Apple's CEO, I have to admit that I am impressed.

Knowing that he will never be the larger-than-like persona that was uniquely Steve Jobs, Tim seems to be creating his own voice for the next generation of Apple loyalists -- investors.

Trusting his unparalleled Apple development and creative teams to continue Apple's technological and experiential innovations with the next "must have" device and user experience, Tim seems to be focusing on steering the ship more pragmatically than emotionally, as was Steve's passion.

The fourth quarter dividends are a great start, if for anything, a signal that Apple plans on being a financial "solid" for generations to come.

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