Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Editors at Meredith: precisely my cup (okay, mug) of tea

Larry Spada iPad Notes entry: February 8, 2012

I'm on United flight 3753 heading back to my home, having wrapped up a morning breakfast conversation on outdoor living trends with the editorial team of some of the most prestigious home shelter magazines in the world at Meredith. And even though it is the smack of early February, Mother Nature has cooperated by gifting us with a gloriously sunny, crisp day, as I renew old acquaintances and make some new friends at this media and marketing company, involved in magazine and book publishing, television broadcasting and brand licensing.

My last visit to Meredith with this esteemed group of home-centered literary minds was four years ago when Amanda Williams from Wray Ward (home-focused marketing and communications specialists headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina) arranged the visit. Back then we had only one outdoor living franchise concept to tout: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, the most trusted residential and commercial outdoor and landscape lighting specialist. Now as Outdoor Living Brands, we have three outdoor living franchise opportunities.

For this visit to Meredith, the fine folks at FaceTime Strategy in Washington DC, Susan Stoga and LeJane Carson , carefully planned and meticulously orchestrated this sharing of new concepts and ideas in outdoor living for 2012, with special thanks to Jessica Brown, Meredith Corporate Communications, who hosted us.

The objective of this meeting was to share the latest trends in outdoor living with this esteemed panel, as these Meredith editors are tremendous centers of influence for consumers who take great pride in, care of and enjoy their at-home surroundings.

As Outdoor Living Brands, all we focus on is outdoor living, or celebrating the joys of outdoor living, to be more accurate.

It all starts with Archadeck Outdoor Living, North America’s favorite designer and builder of affordable, innovative and functional outdoor spaces. Screened porches, sunrooms, patios, hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, new decks, deck replacements – you name it.

And then, so our Archadeck Outdoor Living clients and other homeowners can enjoy their custom outdoor living spaces well into the evening, there’s Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, the low-voltage halogen and LED outdoor lighting experts, who concentrate on beauty, safety, security and functionality – with an outdoor lighting solution for virtually any taste and budget.

The last part of this outdoor living trifecta is Mosquito Squad, who eliminates annoying and dangerous mosquitoes and ticks and the bites that they bring. Using an EPA-registered Barrier Spray solution administered every 21 days around the home and throughout the backyard, Mosquito Squad allows homeowners to enjoy their “great” outdoors whenever they want – without the fear of mosquito bites and tick bites.

It was great to reconnect with Better Homes and Gardens Editor-In-Chief Doug Jimerson; Dr. Denny Schrock, Better Homes and Gardens (Garden Group Editor); James Baggett, Editor of Country Gardens as well as Deck, Pool & Patio and Jane McKeon, Senior Associate Editor at Better Homes and Gardens (Garden and Outdoor Living).

As for new business friends, I am looking forward to working with Jodi Henke, National Radio Editor with Living The Country Life and Justin Hancock, Better Homes and Gardens Senior Editor, who specializes on the Interactive side ( of Meredith.

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