Sunday, October 9, 2011

Remote…virtual…location-agnostic…yeah, that’s me

That’s how we began Spada Advertising Marketing and Design for Business back in 1989.

To borrow a cliché, it’s kind of like “having your cake and being able to eat it, too.”

Today, I’m still practicing what I preach as I work from my home office three weeks each month in Charlotte, travelling to my headquarters in Richmond the fourth week.

This scenario works really well for me, allowing me to be closer to my family in the Carolinas, instead of schlepping five and half hours each way from Richmond to Charlotte when my wife and I want to visit with our kids.

But convenience aside, what Casel says is very true in my experience:

“Happier, More Productive Team: When workers, particularly independent freelancers, are able to work their own hours, using their own equipment, without having to conform to an office environment and schedule, it can lead to a more productive operation.”

When I’m working from home, I am constantly connected to my team via Apple iChat and Jabber – iChat for web cam conversations (about three a day) and Jabber instant messaging for constant dialogue with my team, so none of us miss a beat. And now with a web cam connected to the Conference Room monitor in Richmond, I join various meetings any time I’m needed, again via iChat.

But what really amazes me is how much more productive I am when working from home. My day typically begins at 6 am checking email. After coffee and a shower, I’m back at my stand-up working station that I’ve been using since 2005 (highly recommended, with a Gel Mat Pro pad for your feet), ready to execute my daily tasks and projects – and to put out those proverbial fires as soon as they arise.

And without a doubt, my creativity and productivity levels soar when I’m working from home. I work virtually any time day or night, when the mood strikes me – in addition to the conventional hours of 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

I can honestly say that the quality of my strategy work, creative direction and copywriting has never been better…because now it’s fun. Working on my terms.

Life’s too short. Enjoy what you do…and how you do it.

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