Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My first rant: not Made in the USA

I believe in free trade. I believe in a global economy.

But will someone please tell me what the heck we’re making here in the United States?

I just bought outdoor furniture from Made in Vietnam.

My infomercial EZ Moves casters. Made in China.

My Banana Republic shirt. Made in Thailand.

Does anyone else see a pattern here besides me?

In fact, the only time I’ve ever seen the Made in the USA brand graphic posted in this blog was this morning when I did an image search on Google.

Ohhh…we’re a service economy. Yeah, right.

Like waiting 25 minutes for the cable company to answer my phone call. Or, God forbid, when you need to speak by phone to your doctor right away.

If we don’t make anything in this country, how the heck can we create jobs?

Is our new primary career skill set destined to be talking to people on the phone…only after they’ve been on hold for what seems like forever?

I’m concerned.

Very concerned.

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