Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apple forever. The next chapter.

If you're still falling on the sword trying to preserve Microsoft’s bragging rights about what a great operating system it is (no Corey, not you, as you have now seen the light) -- and how you just can't live without your Crackberry -- get over it.

Today is the first day of Apple forever.

For this is the day that my hero, Steve Jobs, planned...for years.

What better time to fade into the sunset?

1. Steve Jobs has been grooming Tim Cook to become his successor for quite a while now.

2. Apple has more money in the bank than ever.

3. iPhone 5 debuts in a few weeks, and I hear it will be well worth the wait, for generation-three hold-outs like me who are ready for "what's next."

4. And there's a new ALL TOUCH SCREEN iMac in the wings that will be yet another game-changer.

And as for Apple's future, if you have any doubt about it's long-term viability, just take a look at what digital devices your children and grand children using.

Apple today. Apple tomorrow. Apple forever.

BTW, if you still haven’t had your fill of Steve Jobs love stories, here’s a few more, courtesy of my son Matt.

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