Sunday, July 10, 2011

Inbound Marketing Tactics: free enterprise gone wild?

Living with a high consciousness of search engine optimization every day, I found this morning's story in The New York Times "Picking The Lock Of Google's Search" very disturbing.

The smarter technology-savvy entrepreneurs get by setting up phone banks to give them a virtual presence in Designated Market Areas (DMA) to offer personal and household services, the more in danger we place our local small businesses, like locksmiths, when it comes to "optimizing" search results.

This tale of Bob Strom, owner of a real-life locksmith company in Seattle named Ballard Lock & Key, suggests to me that maybe Google should think about setting up a designation system for those local business search results for local companies who truly do have an established physical presence in a given marketplace.

But by doing that, they would put at great risk the monetization ability of search itself.

This is gonna be a tough one.

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