Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enterprise Rent-A-Car gets it right with excellent customer service, online and offline

For a recent trip up north, I needed to rent a car. 

Typically, I go to, jump through a few hoops until I get the price I want, and I'm usually good to go.

But the last time I attempted to get the price I wanted, I had the feeling the website's backend knew my visitation history and was aggressively trying to get me to pay a higher price point.

So, I was outta there.

So, what next?

I Google "cheap car rental buffalo" and Enterprise Rent-A-Car appears as the first Pay Per Click ad, with an AdWords message that repeats my keyword search string.

So how could I possibly not click on it?

When I do, it featured a fair price, comparable to what I would have bid at Priceline, straight up, with no song and dance. So I booked it.

When my flight arrived and I went to Enterprise Rent-A-Car counter, I was met by a young, professional-looking service rep named Matthew Shaffer -- dressed in a suit (first time that's happened).

It turns out that his pleasant personality and professional demeanor fit the dress code. So now I'm doubly impressed with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, not to mention they upgraded me for free because they had the vehicle there, and I didn't even ask for it.

So I go downstairs to pick up the car, and wait a minute, there's a greeter waiting for me AT THE CAR.

Better yet, the engine is running, the heat is turned on (it was 32 degrees that day and damp), and the trunk is open for me.

What the heck, I feel like I'm in Pleasantville -- in a good way.

Long story short, for me, forget about Priceline. I'm a fan of Enterprise Rent-A-Car and they have earned my trust as my rental company of choice.

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