Saturday, July 17, 2010

Search engine optimization: to the victor belongs the spoils with Google Search Stories

Remember all those online parodies about Google's new "search on" TV campaign launched during the Super Bowl?

Well, Google has taken that inspiration and created "Google Search Stories," an ingenious digital eye candy user experience that allows Google to reward well-optimized pieces of online real estate by starring in their own YouTube video.

After entering seven search terms which yield your web presences as top results, just select a piece of music from the online console (after hearing the available free samples), and voila, you have your own version of Google's search stories TV campaign, which automatically gets posted to your YouTube user account.

In addition to being fun, and helping Google leverage its brand presence in a uniquely different way, including your Search Story URL could make an interesting final thought at the end of an email signature, or even an interesting way to start an online conversation.

When you try it, be sure to first test your desired search terms to ensure that your desired results will show as the top SEO choices.

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