Sunday, May 23, 2010

PlaceLocal: Is it what’s next for small business advertising?

In case you haven’t seen advertising’s weekly “ah ha!” moment in today’s New York Times, check out Anne Eisenberg’s story An Ad Engine to Put  Mad Men Out of Business.

It’s the latest affirmation of how our digital world is constantly reinventing the world of advertising and marketing.

An advertising technology company in New Haven, PaperG, has created an online software platform called PlaceLocal.

I tried it’s this morning, and it’s brilliant.

It virtually guides you through creating an online advertising campaign for your local business.

After entering the name of your company, location and confirming the business categories you fit, PlaceLocal searches the web for all of your informational, graphic and photo assets associated with your business, to instantly create an ad template for your PlaceLocal campaign, which you can edit and customize at any time.

Their user experience is simple and not intimidating. And for those businesses that have done a good job in creating rich, relevant content on their web sites, their reward will be brand-consistent “instant creative” for your PlaceLocal ad.

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