Saturday, April 10, 2010

New iPhone OS 4 software update will revolutionize the way you work

If you think the Apple iPhone is one of the true technical wonders of the world, just wait until you see what the next generation of software will empower you to do.

With more than 100 new features, I think one of the biggest breakthroughs for iPhone OS 4 will be its multitasking capability. As soon as you leave one app by double-clicking the home button, the screen view lifts up to reveal the bottom apps bar, which you can finger scroll to the next app you want to use.

While navigating, all apps stay exactly where you last left off, making the transition from one app to the next, or one project to the next, seamless.

The big surprise? Being able to gift apps to others. This will turn out to be yet another huge revenue stream for Apple, in addition to making our gift giving dilemmas easier that ever to solve -- in an instant.

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