Sunday, March 7, 2010

So how will you be packin' your iPad?

Shortly after I saw Steve Jobs' video introducing the iPad, I started thinking about how I would carry it around with me, especially during warmer weather.

I'm not a fan of briefcases, and a sport coat pocket for storage won't cut it because of it's larger size, just shy of 8 inches by 10 inches.

Well, according to Stephen Williams in Friday's New York Times, there already are several solutions, from third-party after-market companies like Belkin (a long-time favorite of mine), Griffin and even Philips (hmm).

Based on first looks, Philips may be the pleasant surprise here. Their iPad case is slim, has velcro closures to prevent it from accidentally slipping out and falling to the floor, and features a ribbed, padded interior back side to cushion the iPad screen.

Prices have yet to be published, but with iPad sales starting April 3, and online pre-orders starting March 12, they should appear soon.

I think each company is waiting for the other to see "who shows their hand first" to better gauge what competitive market pricing.

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