Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bing for the iPhone is pure genius

This morning when I touched my iPhone New York Times app, a pleasant surprise greeted me at the bottom of the screen: an invitation to download the free Bing search engine app.

Not being a frequent Bing user on my large screen Macs, as Google always just seems to be a better fast data fit, I think Bing may just become my search engine app of choice for my iPhone and my new eagerly anticipated iPad.

First, the Bing app leverages the simplicity and intuitive gestalt of the iPhone user experience to a tee. There's not much to see except for one large scenic photo. But, at the screen top and bottom, there is a whole new world of search wonder waiting for you.

One touch at the top search bar reveals a cascading down menu of bookmarks and recent searches. Then in homage to the Jetson's, one touch of the microphone icon the top right of the screen activates a voice search, that reveals clear and easy-to-read relevant results.

Three quarters of the way down the home page interface, there is a translucent secondary search guide that defaults with Images, Movies, Maps, Businesses, News and Directions -- that can easily disappear with a swift motion down by touching the six-split icon at the bottom right.

The more I use with it, the clearer it becomes that Bing is positioning itself to become the preferred search engine for the new iPad. The way Bing looks, moves and responds is purely Apple-inspired. I strongly recommend giving it a try.

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