Friday, February 19, 2010

Can social media save live TV?

Andrew Hampp reports in the February 15, 2010 of Advertising Age that the latest Nielsen Media Research numbers are out, and the news is good for live TV specials like The Grammy Awards, Golden Globes and MTV Video Music Awards.

Thanks to Twitter and the new wide world of social media banter, blogging and brand tie-ins, viewership is up for those live special events that have been on the skids in recent years.

Based on total viewers, the news is good.

A 35% jump for The Grammy Awards. A 15% bump for the Golden Globes. And a 6% rise in viewership for the MTV Video Music Awards.

My guess is that when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosts its annual awards fest on Sunday, March 7, 2010 -- the Oscars -- the news will be similarly good.

Smart marketers -- and their agencies -- are leveraging brands through an interesting combination of social media and live events to start conversations with consumer prospects who have not yet experienced a brand personally, or are taking conversations to a whole new level with loyal consumers who are already on board with brands they love.

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