Saturday, December 19, 2009

Technology jobs: Outdoor Living Brands is looking for a web developer in Richmond, Virginia

Outdoor Living Brands (OLB) is America's outdoor living franchise company. With headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, its three brands include Archadeck (franchise for the custom design and building of decks and outdoor living spaces), Mosquito Squad (the mosquito extermination franchise) and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (full service landscape lighting design plan, installation and service franchise).

To augment their current outsourced web development effort, they are now ready to add an in-house web developer and computer programmer to their marketing team, based in Richmond, Virginia.

OLB is looking for a visionary, proactive person who brings more to the table than just writing code. As you will be working with a strong and passionate marketing team, they are looking for that one person who understands the new interactive space, and stays current on the daily innovations in engaging web visitors, marketing intelligence, search engine optimization techniques and requirements, and who loves to blaze this new frontier each day in lead generation marketing as much as they do.

You will be responsible for leading web development for an existing and quickly growing assortment of websites. Tasks will include integration with partner websites such as, a legacy CRM system, and web-based end-user applications.

As a critical team member, you will investigate and quickly comprehend and master capitalizing on new and evolving social media metrics and optimization tools such as You will stay on top of the constant growth and evolution of social media to identify and implement ways for our team to capitalize on, link to, participate with and grow our business by maximizing on the opportunities inherent through this evolving discipline.

You will maintain a high level of professionalism and excellent spirit of teamwork.

In return, you can expect to work with a dynamic, fun, growth-loving and agile marketing team.


Education: Bachelor or Associate degree in computer science or related discipline

Work Experience: 3 to 5 years in web development and technical development

Technical Experience:

- 3-plus years using web development software such as ASP, Coldfusion or other

- Dreamweaver or similar tool experience

- 2 years SQL server or MySQL experience

- Experience developing, managing or working with database schematics

- Preferred experience integrating with

- Preferred experience integrating web applications with Quicken

- At least 1 year implementation using an API to integrate communication between 2 or more programs

- At least 1 year experience in administrating a website on a daily basis

- Experience developing monitoring tools and/or systems to track 500’s, 404’s and other web, technical or programmatic errors

- At least 6 months experience in managing web hosting, domain administration and server administration

Proficiencies & Abilities:

- Ability to develop HTML code freehand

- Ability to translate functional and business requirements to technical requirements

- Experience developing and testing use cases

- Ability to perform quality assurance on your own work

To Apply:

Show them your stuff, and tell your story on your own personal website. Be sure to include:

- your portfolio

- links to web sites you developed

- at least 1 link to a website you currently administrate on a daily or weekly basis

- a link to your professional profile on at least 1 social media web site

Tell them what you are doing now, why you are looking for a career change, when you would be available and your salary requirements.

Create a page on your website that demonstrates all the requirements, abilities and proficiencies listed in this job description point for point, confirming and explaining your experience with quantifiable length of experience.

If possible, provide a link demonstrating the work referenced in each point.

Be sure to include at least 3 professional references and at least 1 letter of recommendation from a current or past teacher or employer.

To Respond:

Send your application URL to

If you think they're asking for a lot, you're right. But it's going to be worth it.

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