Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In praise of Eric Kent, Archadeck of Charlotte

In marketing, as in life, some people just "get it."

As if I needed confirmation yet again, Eric Kent, franchise owner of Archadeck of Charlotte, North Carolina, not only "gets it," but he's a charting a new course for encouraging even more creative thinking in building brand awareness and generating a new business lead stream using social media in creative ways.

Need proof? Check out his latest video here, on You Tube.

Addressing the problem many baby boomers now face in dealing with caring for their aging parents, Eric suggests that Archadeck may just be the perfect fit for that new room addition.

Having become synonymous with building affordable, functional and beautiful custom outdoor living spaces in Charlotte, Eric now suggests that Charlotte's best deck builder may also be the perfect solution for this trending dilemma of deciding how to provide care for aging loved ones without breaking the bank.

Eric knows that buying radio commercials, featuring his personal messages to listeners, has become effective in generating quality leads for his deck building and home renovation business. It's just one part of his well-planned and integrated marketing mix.

So while he's in the radio studio recording his unique and relevant message for this baby boomer audience, he makes a video of the advertising experience to post on You Tube.

Way to go, Eric.

It's all about using social media in creative ways, starting conversations, building brands, becoming a thought leader in your category -- and raising the bar.

If you have not yet been to Eric Kent's local Web site, check out Charlotte's best deck builder right here.

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