Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chase Jarvis gives his iPhone away to photo contest winner

If I chronicled the one task that has migrated to my iPhone more than anything else, it would be photography. I use it to take photos constantly, mostly interesting still life shots. In fact, the screensaver on my Apple TV features an evolving gallery of my favorite work, updated any time the mood strikes me.

Last week while on Twitter, a click on the story about Leo Burnett's shortlist of Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival favorites led me to the web site of a photographer (and director) with offices in Seattle and Paris -- Chase Jarvis.

His work is very impressive, and his site's user experience is clean and engaging, but it is his content that is wonderful. On his blog, Chase has posted video promos for his presentation to the Art Director's Club on Denver that are worth watching.

But where you'll really want to spend some quality time is on his iPhone giveaway photo gallery, where he accepted entries from fellow iPhone photographers. The prize? The previous edition of his trusty iPhone, as he has now upgraded to the 3g s.

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