Friday, April 17, 2009

What do you mean you don't Twitter?

I was speaking with a young, intelligent and interesting associate of mine today about Twitter...about how Ashton Kutcher has 1,000,000 followers and how he is getting involved in the the fight against mosquito induced malaria...about how Oprah Winfrey is talking up social networking...etc. And then she mentioned how she's never been on Twitter. Huh? She used to work for a global public relations conglomerate and is highly engaged in contemporary culture, so I was very surprised at her news. If you haven't read a "Tweet" yet -- a 141 character update message from a Twitter member -- you're missing one of the most interesting phenoms of this day. I especially enjoy following David Pogue, the technology "dude" from the New York Times and CNBC. His Tweets are always interesting and sometimes downright hilarious. He is approaching 170,000 "followers" (Tweet readers). Check him out.

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