Sunday, April 12, 2009

Target TV spots lead the way yet again

It seems that virtually every day lately some advertiser broadcasts a new TV spot reminding us that "less is more" and to appreciate the simpler things in life now that our collective net worth has taken a nose dive. Some of the spots attempt to be heart-tugging (a few banks come to mind) and then there are the car companies who will now make your car payments if you lose your job (talk about an innovative marketing strategy!)? Then last night I saw the latest spot from Target, one of my favorite brand champions. With simple, colorful close-ups, and clean, bold lines of type communicating affordable prices per item ("front row seats at a concert less than $70 for two" -- because the couple is viewing the concert on a handheld electronic device purchased at Target for that price point), Target continues to raise the bar in building a powerhouse brand that not only survives but thrives -- even today. Staying true to their "cheap chic" platform, Target's consistent and relevant branding entertains and educates consumers in a way that fosters loyalty, encouraging returning customers to become promoters of the brand.

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