Sunday, April 19, 2009

Microsoft Martini anyone?

My heart goes out to media buyers today, especially those who have been in the business for some time. As the media paradigm shifts from TV and print to Interactive channels, creating a media strategy and budgeting a mutli-touch media plan can be a nightmare. With consumer mindshare being so fragmented today, what's a media pro to do?

Microsoft is asking the same question and is working on a solution which just may change the course of advertising. Dubbed the "Martini Strategy" the initiative is being compared to Microsoft's strategy when it created its Office Suite software package -- an integrated platform for word processing (Word), presentations (PowerPoint) and spreadsheets (Excel). The objective is to create the ideal advertising system whereby advertisers and agencies can plan, buy, place and measure the effects of ad messages across every media channel that Microsoft touches with the "push of a button." This would include online search and display advertising, Interactive TV, digital gaming messages, mobile marketing and even in-store media.

Scott Howe, director of Microsoft's Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Group, is heading the initiative, and is hopeful that the architecture will be in place by October 2010.

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