Saturday, April 18, 2009

The hair of the dog

Kudos to the Dominoes public relations team for having their USA President Patrick Boyle quickly respond to the You Tube video hoax posted by two employees in Conover, North Carolina. How? By posting his response as a video on You Tube, he sort of beat the two Tar Heel wiseguys at their own game.

"The store has been shut down and sanitized from top to bottom..." Boyle empathetically stated. "There is nothing more important or sacred to us than our customers' trust."

The beauty of this disaster plan hoax resolution is that is was so easy. As stressful and upsetting as the situation was, all Dominoes really only had to was post its response on You Tube, knowing full well that the arenas that started in all would also serve as the pivotal place for redemption. Smart move! But hold the cheese, please.

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